Impressive PowerPoint timelines with just a few clicks

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Improving the application through a Microsoft aligned design but at the same time to keep its identity. Creating a logical flow for importing files with already populated data.

Products used

Sketch App

UI / UX Design

InVision App

Prototyping, create experiences that feel real.


Functionality and design testing.

Everything has become a challenge especially when a redesign is needed.

I worked with a talented team from Romania but also in the US where it was the headquartered. Office Timeline urgently needed some new flows and a redesign that had to be aligned with Microsoft’s new design requirements. We need to create engaging product experiences using Fluent Design.

Make it intuitive

An experience feels intuitive when it behaves the way the user expects it to. By using established controls and patterns and taking advantage of platform support for accessibility and globalization, you create an effortless experience that helps users be more productive.

Microsoft Fluent Design

After some architecture and journey mapping it was time to start sketching and wireframing the screens. I decided that the best tool to use this would be InVision to make the collaboration as easy as possible between me and the dev team who could extract their assets from the same system and send real time feedback. At the same time, all the design was synchronized in InVision directly from Sketch, this way we would make the mockups faster.

InVision Screenshot from the project

We had to move fast

The first step was validation. Now it was time to decide what the flow will be to import files directly into the application. Obviously the most important was Excel, the application that everyone used on Windows to plan their projects. We had a much more creative and intuitive way to do that in Office Timeline. So the goal was to make it as easy as possible for users to import their files with already important data inside.

And I did that!

We put together several wireframes that would decide how the user will start using the application and upload his files in it. The design had to inspire quality, security, confidentiality but also align with Microsoft requirements and style. He had to say, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything!”

I give a hand in creating  the only timeline maker built for professionals, right inside Microsoft PowerPoint. Easily produce elegant Gantt charts, Swimlane diagrams and timelines that no other application can match.

Andrei is an experienced and skilled UI/UX professional. In addition to solid design capability, Andrei posses excellent written and oral communication skills which are critical for a successful outcome. During the time we’ve worked together, we’ve managed to become productive very quickly and give our next generation product an immediate lift in quality, usability, and style.

Eddy Malik
CEO – Office Timeline

And everything came to life after.